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Over the past 5 years, FECE has implemented several projects which promote inclusive sustainable development, including the following:

1. Enhancing Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change on Food Security and Environment Conservation Through use of Photovoltaic Pumps for Irrigation in Bahi district. This project empowered women through drilling bore holes which were fitted with solar pumps. The boreholes supplied water to the irrigation systems which were installed into the farms. Women benefitted through sales of horticultural crops which were grown under the established irrigation scheme.

2. Promotion of access to and adoption of cleaner cook stoves for rural and periurban poor in Bukoba district. Women benefited from the project in various ways including training of improved cookstove artisans. Experience from the project shows that female artisans performed better than their male counterparts, thus they were preferably hired to construct ICS at various households and institutions in Bukoba district.